Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking Forward: America's Got Powers #1

America's Got Powers #1 (of 6)
Story: Jonathan Ross
Art: Bryan Hitch

Let's face it. If super powers really did exist, so would this show. I love this concept for its simplicity and accessibility.

Here's the solicitation from the publisher, Image Comics:

Welcome to AMERICA’S GOT POWERS! It’s the biggest TV show on Earth, where the chance to win fame, fortune and get laid are dangled in front of a generation of super-powered teens. All they have to do is WIN. Who is the fastest, the strongest or the greatest? Who survives? Young Tommy Watt’s dreams of being the greatest hero of them all might just be shattered when the greatest show on the planet begins to reveal its dark heart.

Hard to not be a little interested based on that alone, right? I'll follow up and let you all know what I think. Hopefully the anticipation won't be too great and you'll be able to sleep between now and then. 

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